The soul is contained in the voice.
David Isay, StoryCorps

The Wonder of the Human Voice

Your voice remains the same throughout most of your life.

The sound of your voice will immediately call forth memories. This is why people often save voice mail messages from loved ones.

When you listen to someone telling a story about her life you hear the chuckles and soft sighs that are embedded in the telling, which bring the storyteller and the story to life.

Your story in audio allows listeners to draw upon their own memories and visual images, which will enhance your narrative.

A Lasting Gift

Everyone has a story that is unique and worth telling. Many people want to share their life stories with future generations and know that untold stories will be lost. People I work with enjoy returning to earlier times in their lives. Having someone “witness” their stories can be an extremely meaningful experience.

You may be the adult child of an aging parent and want to save your parent’s stories, but you may find it easier to have it done by someone other than a family member. Or, you may simply be unable to find the time in your busy life to do it yourself. I get it done—in a comfortable and enjoyable manner.

And, if you are a baby boomer, it’s not too soon to record your story. Telling it is not only a gift for future generations, but a gift to yourself. What better time is there to review where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going?

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